Britt Nicole and her official music video for Gold


Christian Artist: Britt Nicole

Going through our archives to see which artist we haven’t featured in a while on Worship music Wednesdays we came across the talented Britt Nicole. 

So for this week we are showcasing Britt Nicole and her hit Gold a great pick me up song with a wonderful message. Enjoy!


To learn about Britt Nicole:

Check out her website | Like her on Facebook | Follow her on Twitter |

Prayer to Start the Week/-Oraciòn para Comenzar la Semana

PRAYER changes things

Heavenly Father,

Bless my family and friends as they start this new week you have granted them.

May they see all the possibilities you have in store for them and hear your voice in the noise of the world.

For those among them that are struggling with health issues, I pray you place thy healing hand on them and give them renew health.

Thank you for keeping thy eye on them always!




Padre Celestial,

Bendice a mi familia y amigos mientras comienzan esta nueva semana que les han concedido.

Que ellos vean todas las posibilidades que tienes tu reservado para ellos y que puedan escuchar

tu voz en el ruido del mundo.

Para aquellos entre ellos que están luchando con problemas de salud, os ruego que colocas tu

mano sanadora sobre ellos y darle salud renovada .

Gracias por mantener tu ojo sobre ellos siempre !


Where is God?


So much sad news of incomprehensible proportion,

of innocent people dying because of someone’s crazy notion.

Where is God in these situations people are heard to say,

how can he allow these killings, bombings and the shooting down of planes?

God is not responsible for the evilness of man,

he tries with all his might to let his goodness spread throughout the land.

But man takes that goodness and spits at it in the face

and evil lurks and slowly destroys the human race.

Has God abandon us? Has he hidden his face?

No, he is in each and every one of us who loves instead of hates!

The Human Side with Ryan Stevenson


Ryan Stevenson©Ryan Stevenson


I was checking the Christian music sites looking for artist we have never featured here on Worship Music Wednesdays when I came across Ryan Stevenson’s Youtube Channel.

I really enjoyed his song the Human Side and wanted to share with all of you this week so here is Ryan Stevenson and his official music video for Human Side. Enjoy!




The Human Side can be found on the “Holding Nothing Back” EP and is available at : iTunes || Amazon ||

To learn about Ryan Stevenson please:
Visit his official website | Like him on Facebook | Follow him on Twitter


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